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Villa Krim – special wine for special people!


Wines of TM Villa Krim have been on the market since 2012. The key to the success of Villa Krim wines is the careful selection of grape seedlings of the best varieties, which have excellent taste and technical characteristics. The vineyards are located in the mountain valleys, where there are about 300 sunny days a year.
Villa Krim are exclusive blended and bright varietal wines. Their recipes were developed with the participation of European winemakers who managed to find a special approach and style when creating wines. 


Redesign the Etalon line of premium quality seeds, including the development of a brand line, logo and packaging design.


The first step in working on the project was a design audit using our Three Layers of Efficiency methodology. It identified the shortcomings that we needed to eliminate: an indistinct food zone, a low-contrast logo, blurry positioning, overloading the packaging with various elements. Such an ambitious name as "Etalon" was essentially not supported by anything, it was not clear to the consumer why this brand is premium.

The brand was clearly visible on the shelf thanks to the large V in which the name was inscribed. This style distinguished the wine from other Old World wines. The current design as a whole looked good, but rather ordinary. Our task was to add exclusivity and chic to the brand.

Using our «Growth Platform» methodology, which is aimed at finding brand positioning hypotheses, we have identified the most promising positioning territories - Personality and Pleasure.
The brand is aimed at a female audience who wants to enjoy wine and wants the choice of drink to emphasize her style and impeccable taste.

We strengthened the accents that were already in the current design by increasing the letter V and the brand name. And also picked up interesting fonts that add sophistication and gloss. Color accents highlight the type of wine and slightly dilute the strict laconic style, bringing a touch of playfulness.

In its price category, among such competitors as Inkerman, Koblevo, Koktebel, Shabo, Bolgrad, Villa Krim looks extraordinary and stylish.

Villa Krim wine is an essential attribute of lunch and dinner, which will complement and reveal the taste of dishes.