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«Volzhsky Posad» - juice from his own gardens!


The Nectar group has been working since 1991, it has on its farm apple orchards spread out in the environmentally friendly regions of the Volga among the reserves of Samara Luka. Own raw materials are the main competitive advantage of the brand.


To create the packaging for the brand of premium juices with six different tastes, the main advantage of which is to use apples grown in their own apple orchards.


All the elements of the packaging, including its flip side, illustrate the main competitive advantage of the new brand «Volzsky Posad», expressed in the slogan “apples from our gardens”.

The whole process of production fr om thorough selection of seedlings at the stage of landing to a rod in environmentally friendly packaging we described on the back of the package.

The “craft” background of the packaging emphasizes the naturalness of the products. The image of a village drowning in greenery transfers us to those edges wh ere apples in gardens slowly ripen.

The «Volzhsky Posad» logo is a symbolic illustration of an apple tree with ripened apples and a staircase leaning against it. It’s like a moment, and the harvest will begin.

The side of the packaging is used for the conversion layer. We placed stickers here, with the help of which we told how much good and vitamins are contained in those fruits from which the juice is prepared.

Photos of gardens, reminiscent of pictures from the home archive, enhance the stigma "only the best fruits."