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Yasnaya Gorka — healthy, natural, tasty!


The PRODO Group is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of poultry meat products, sausages, semi-finished products, meat delicacies and dairy products. Founded in 2004. Products under the PRODO Group brands are sold in 65 regions of Russia. A wide range of products is produced by five poultry factories and three meat processing enterprises located in the Central, Siberian, Ural and Volga federal districts. All of them are the largest players in their regional markets.


The Prodo company commissioned us to create a new brand of poultry sausages and delicacies made from chicken. Our task was to develop a modern, positive and striking design that:

1) Enhances the feeling of naturalness and farm product;
2) Will more effectively highlight and communicate the benefits of poultry products;
3) Will enhance the differentiation between cooked sausages and hams.


All over the world, there is a global trend towards a decrease in the consumption of red meat and the predominance of poultry products in the diet. Therefore, the client set himself an ambitious task to conquer the Russian market with a new brand. Realizing that we will also have to compete with local manufacturers, to which buyers a priori more trust to the local brands, the design should generate loyalty and a desire to try a new brand. From the proposed names, the name Yasnaya Gorka was chosen — positive and bright, creating a feeling of “one’s own” product, since there is a gorka in any area, and in combination with the word “yasnaya” there is a feeling of purity, serenity, naturalness and environmental friendliness.

The design consists of three parts, consistent with our “3 layers of efficiency” methodology, thanks to which our customers achieve their goals through the brightness of the design, visibility on the shelf, clarity and persuasiveness that converts the consumer into a purchase.

The visual layer — in the meat department, the Yasnaya Gorka brand’s products are immediately striking due to the contrasting design consisting of three elements — craft paper, a bright catchy logo similar to a geotag and a cute country landscape made in green tones, creating a mood of comfort and harmony.

The effectiveness of the contextual layer is achieved primarily through a bright and memorable design and a clearly defined category. Thanks to the large “loud” logo, the products stand out among all federal and local manufacturers.

The conversion layer contains the descriptor — “tasty, healthy, environmentally friendly”, the product benefits written at the bottom of the label and ease of preparation when it comes to sausages, and the benefits and taste that highlight the ham and sausages. An effective conversion layer covers all customer objections and answers the question of why he should buy this product.

In a short time, Yasnaya Gorka managed to become a federal brand and become a rating brand in Prodo’s portfolio, bringing shareholders a large market share in the category of chicken meat and delicacies. We have met all the goals that were set before us, and the client achieved the planned indicators in terms of revenue and market share.

Today the Yasnaya Gorka brand is the No. 1 brand in terms of sales in the “Meat Poultry Gastronomy” category in the Russian Federation. The brand’s products are sold in 28 regions of the Russian Federation.