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Healthy traditions are both sweets and a good habit!


Rebranding of the Healthy Traditions brand for Sazhinsky Confectionery
The workshop helped the customer optimize the product and range.


At Sazhinsky Confectionery special attention is paid to product quality and the expansion of its product range. However, neither improving the composition, nor introducing new tastes, nor paying close attention to freshness and quality, helped to solve the problem of the “ceiling” in development. A detailed clarification of the problem made it clear to the client: the usual methods of expanding production do not help attract a new buyer, and “production” thinking is more likely to hinder further development. In order to find new growth points, determine the vector of further development, review existing directions and come up with new ones, we held a workshop “Vysota” with the plant’s team.


A workshop which helps to develope new brands in a couple of days allows you to engage a client’s team, including manufacturers, technologists, marketers, commercial management and the management itself, in the understanding of the buyer, the direct creation of new values ​​and their embodiment in the product.

One of the key points of the “Vysota” workshop is the identification of the “pain” of the consumer, which needs to be worked out and closed. From the quotes collected at the workshop, we identified one of the main problems: “I want to look good and I know that it depends on the quality of the food. “I would like to eat healthy food, but it’s hard to understand which foods can really be considered healthy, but I don’t have time to figure it out.”

This problem has determined the direction for the search for a new brand in the territory of “proper nutrition”. Sazhinsky already had Healthy Traditions TM in its portfolio, under which an assortment of classic types of cookies with sugar substitutes was produced, but it was not very popular with the buyer. Due to the lack of a clear portrait of the target audience, the brand had a vague positioning and did not convey its values ​​to the desired audience.

Interviews with the audience allowed the team to understand what consumers really mean by proper nutrition, how they recognize the “right” and “wrong” products on the shelf, and what they would like to see in the composition and on the package.

Refined positioning gave a clearer understanding of the problems and desires of consumers, revealing stereotypes of their behavior and consumer habits. This allowed us to create a brand that defines the coordinate system for product development: wheat germ appeared in the composition, white flour was replaced with rye, the line included products suitable for vegetarians.

Focus on key emotional and functional advantages, such as confidence in the composition, classic formulation, clarity and accessibility, allowed us to define a clear strategy for design development.

On the front side, this is manifested in the handwritten styling of the logo and accompanying inscriptions, in the natural textures of crafting and imitation of brush strokes, as well as in the uncomplicated but mouth-watering food zone, because the benefit does not negate the fact that the gingerbread cookies should be tasty. Bright asymmetric brush strokes passing through the entire package form a differentiating background under the product, further highlighting it against the background of the rest of the information, and somewhere they turn into a transparent window.

The flip side focuses on five unique properties for a particular product, forming a kind of color chart around the product.