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Znak Zaboty - we save for you what we have grown with our own hands!


About the project

Belgorod Cannery (BKK) is a new modern plant producing canned green peas, sweet corn and various types of beans.

Today, the Belgorod Cannery manufactures products both under its own brands and under the brands of such well-known retail chains as: Metro, Spar, Billa, Globus, Magnit, X5, "OK". 


To create a brand platform, communication strategy and design for a new brand for the federal market from the Belgorod Cannery.


Belgorod Cannery is the leader in the country in the cultivation and conservation of vegetable products. Many networks and manufacturers order the production of products for their private labels here. Having long contracts with various networks, there was no own brand in the company's portfolio. The main drawback of this situation is that in this case the company itself «has no face» and, moreover, it is not immune from price wars: the same retailers can subsequently re-sign contracts at a lower cost, reducing margins and profitability.

Therefore, BKK decided to enter the federal market, and for this it needed a strong brand that would translate the values of the business and convey them to the buyer, removing all concerns about the quality and freshness of the product fr om him.

There were several TMs in the company’s portfolio that never entered the federal market due to the fact that they never translated their value through positioning. Despite the fact that TM has the same attributes as a brand, there is a big difference between them: a brand creates value and conveys it to the buyer, and TM is just a name and some kind of picture. Moreover, the task was to enter the segment higher than the existing TM.

We started with building a brand platform, defining the target audience and the meanings that we would like to put into the product. Thanks to in-depth interviews, we found out that the concern for the consumer is everything for the company. Full-cycle production, product control from the field to the can, equipment from leading world brands, an environmentally friendly area - the company does everything to create an excellent product.

The formulated mission of the brand sounded like this - "to be true to the principles of healthy and tasty food, creating the highest quality product for consumers, paying close attention to the freshness and taste of our products."

We decided to develop the name from scratch, as the names of existing TMs did not reflect the essence of the business, nor its size, nor concern for people, and care became the main value that we wanted to convey. The name "Znak Zaboty" fit perfectly. It is inscribed in a bright red logo in the shape of a pentagon and complemented by a key message that expresses the essence of the brand - "we save what we grow ourselves."

The choice of turquoise color is not accidental: almost all TMs and brands on the shelf had standard category colors, it was difficult to stand out, and the color made it possible, creating a strong brand block on the shelf. The design uses graphics combined with photographic images of food zones. Since we are talking about caring, the theme of love should be the leitmotif. A plate in the form of a heart with peas or corn, hands gently holding it, the use of handwritten fonts - broadcast the meanings embedded in the brand.
On the front side, we placed information about how and wh ere the crop was harvested, how long the delivery takes “from field to can”, and on the reverse side - a production scheme, which makes people feel the openness of the manufacturer and is a guarantee of product quality and freshness.

"Znak Zaboty" is a powerful and strong brand, made according to all the principles and canons of branding, with the development of a strategy and communication of this strategy in design. It is easily visible on the shelf and cannot be confused with any other brand.