Zubarev — the taste of the perfect steak!


A task
To develop an express packaging design for marbled beef meat products.


The owner of the company decided to launch a line of portioned marbled beef steaks.

Steaks are made from marbled beef grown on the own farm in the Krasnoyarsk ! The company owns its own fields and feed, grown taking into account all the characteristics of the cows! High technologies of the farm allow you to control the condition of animals at all stages. Young bulls of premium breed Black Angus were specially brought to Russia from abroad.

The design of the Zubarev brand turned out to be bright, catchy, brutal, gourmet. With a moderately premium focus. With the personal signature of the owner, as personal responsibility for the quality of the product and a juicy appetizing food zone.

The new product will appeal to those who love the restaurant quality of meat, but would like to try it at home.